N-Style Custom JZZ30 Toyota Soarer SC300

Originating from the countryside of Japan, N-Style Custom has been known for shredding up the pavements with their own distinct fashion.

Hideki Nagahama, owner of this unique N-Style Custom JZZ30 Toyota Soarer, has been evolving his sense of style quickly in the drift world.

A bit of recap back in its early stages has been featured by the almighty Speedhunters over this beast while exalting its battle scars.


Rolling around on the popular SSR SP1 in 18″ with zero offset customized for a tight and suitable fitment to the chassis.


Now it’s time to crank it up to a much more modern update in regards to Nagahama’s dramatic sense in fashion evolution.

He got ahead of the trending games as custom fabricated fender flares added on to sports vehicles have now swept the scene like a plague.

Pearl white SSR Professor 18×9 +0 (front), 18×10 +0 (rear), 40mm front spacer, 15mm rear spacer, 215/40R18 (front), 225/35R18 (rear)



Pearl white SSR Professor Sp1 Custom-

N-Style Custom Type-3 Fender Flares 100mm



This Toyota Soarer Runs Type 1 Fender flares and Type 3 Fender Flares.


Not only is Nagahama sweeping numbers on the board in style, but here he is demonstrating the power he’s packing behind the wheel!!!

Event Black Mark Day!